Varner-Hogg Through Time

Unity3D Touchscreen piece for Museum Kiosk

I was contracted by Musework LLC to do the programming for a touchscreen kiosk at the Varner-Hogg Plantation State Historic Site. The piece was created using Unity, a 3D gaming engine that's useful for all kinds of interactive content.

I scripted the camera movements, created a sort of state machine to show different parts of the 3D model according to the year that the guest selects and scripted the UI elements, including arrows which pop up to invite the user to “fly into” the model to get a better look.

Scrubbed Version: Village Park

For the sake of this online portfolio, I thought it was best to scrub the project of its actual models and content, instead using my own material. The point, after all, is to highlight my work on it, and not someone else's!

Whereas the original project shows the Varner-Hogg Plantation at various stages in its history, my scrubbed version highlights the construction phases of a fictional theme park that I'm oh-so-cleverly calling “Village Park.” Just like Disneyland, it took one year to complete.

May 2019 edit: I had embedded a Unity Web Player below (which used to work on most browsers), but a few years back Chrome made changes which prevented it from running and now the content will only display on a few legacy browsers. So, I've decided to remove the Web Player. If it's not too difficult, I'll publish the Unity content for WebGL so that we can all interact with it again. Don't hold your breathe, though. :)

Skills used: Unity3D C#

This page last modified: May 29, 2019